Monday, April 1, 2013


Invisalign is a technology  which is used to get a desired smile, it uses orthodontic devices or clear trays which fit exactly over your teeth and gradually moves your teeth to an ideal arch-form, aligns your bite  and hence gives you a beautiful smile. Your desires and wishes for your smile, bite, teeth etc. are listened to and then after a face to face consultation , Arlington invisalign treatment is designed for you.
  •   Helps in fixing swollen buck teeth
  • Corrects and aligns crowded and crooked teeth.
  •  Fill up and reduces gaps and spaces.
  • Misalignment of bites is corrected and deep bites are fixed.
  • Gummysmiles are reduced.
  •  All other kinds of defects present in the smiles are corrected.
Invisalign Arlington is one of the simplest smile improvement one can choose. Firstly, one needs to have a one on one conversation with the specialists on the type of smile you expect . At this visit, several digital photographs and pictures of your teeth are taken .Then together you and the experienced doctors present can analyze your teeth’s pictures, and hence discuss over the outcomes or results of the treatment. Doctors and team listen to you thoroughly and understand what you need, and will accordingly customize your plan to achieve the results you expect.
After the consultation, only if you and your doctors are satisfied with the results that can come out , impressions and records of your teeth will be taken. A computer program (also known asclin-check) is used by the doctor to prepare a design , that will show how your teeth shall be treated from start to finish.
Like any other dental treatment, you shall need to withhold your teeth in order to keep it in ideal position designed by the specialists of Invisalign treatment. The retainers used in invisalign also known as Vivera retainers are simply Invisalign trays that you need to wear while you are sleeping. Such trays are computer-designed and fabricated which is based on the very last stage of your treatment , the day your teeth were perfect. Second good option is, you can have a permanent wire (retainer) bonded behind your lower section of teeth and use the night-time retainer for your upper teeth. The Designer of your smile or the Orthodontist will know best about the option for you to withhold the beautiful results your smile achieved through the InvisalignArlington treatment.
The Arlington invisalign treatment is the best option you can think of if you are dealing with some kind of gum or teeth problem and want to have a beautiful and attractive smile you always wanted to have. This treatment involves experts and specialists who would listen to your desires about your teeth and hence provide you with the best consultation .They help you decide correctly about your teeth and once satisfied they give you the best outcomes and results which would definitely be better than your expectations !

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